Jelly and gelatin


Gelatin is not only a great number of excellent and delicious recipes but and it is also the collagen that is a vitally important albumen. It is necessary for your health:

- is a component of products acting for the reinforcement of the human organism;

- give elasticity and durability to the tendons and copulas;

- strengthen the osseous structure;

- stimulate the renewal of the articular cart;

- strengthen the structure of nails and hairs giving shine and force.

It is used for cooking of meat and fish jellied dishes, fruit jellies, desserts, and also for condensing of the fluffed up creams, syrups and creams.

How to use: fill up 10g of gelatin (1 soupspoon) with 1-1.5 glass of hot (70 С - 80 С) syrop or broth. Mix it to the complete dissolution. Filter out and then pour in forms and put in a cold place for hardening.