Black pepper is the most popular and universal spice among the existing spices in the whole world. It has got strong pungent taste and delicate aroma. It is a fruit of wattled pepper bush. Black pepper is added to the first and second courses, gravies, salads, vegetable and rice dishes.

India is origin of black pepper. The place where it was firstly found was always named “Earth of Pepper” . Liana grows on the seaboard. It is 15 metres long. Pepper-fanciers take great interest in Liana. Black pepper value consists in its finished product of dried fruits. As known all useful substances of any plant are concentrated in its garden-stuffs such as vitamins, essential oils and etc. Such usefull concentrates exist in whole and ground black pepper.

The first Europeans who got acquainted with this spice were Oleksandr Macedonian’s warriors and they had been astonished at the black pepper’s properties. They attributed to pepper wonder-working properties and believed in its health and added it to all foods. Ancient Greece and Old Rome were buying pepper in India with pleasure. At one time it even was by weight of gold. In Rus pepper was used for confectionery baking – cakes and biscuits. Today this spice is grown on the special plantation.