Spices and spicery

   Species are food additives, solely of plant origin. Different parts of the plants are being used; they may be stems, roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, bark, and peel. Species are subdivided into 2 types: exotic and classical. 

Exotic species include: anise, vanilla, clove, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, bay leaf, nutmeg, big variety of peppers, rosemary, zest, and saffron.  

Local species are divided into spicy vegetables and spicy herbs. Spice vegetables are onion, garlic, parsley, parsnip, dill, celery, horseradish. There are a lot of spicy herbs and in every region there may be its own special local herb that is used only in this region. Nowadays, one can grow a lot of spicy herbs in the garden; study this question and in spring sow some sorts. Very often the mixes of different spices are being created, taking into consideration compatibility, not all spices can be compatible. The cooks from different countries have chosen their spice mixes, which are used in some dishes and dishes combinations.

By using different spices in cooking, we can change or improve the taste of dishes, and knowing about the useful properties of each particular spice we can strengthen our health.