Jelly and gelatin

   Jelly is a bright beautiful dessert, is a colloidal food solution, the basis of which is usually taken from fruits with gelatine addition. And upon cooling it becomes a gelatinous consistency mixture. The word "Jelly" as well as the dessert itself, came to us from France: in translation “gelée” is aspic, gel.

Jelly made from gelatine affects favorably the cartilaginous system, facilitating its recovery and in such a way protecting human from arthritis and other arthral diseases. Collagen is the base of gelatine, that is why it is useful not only for bones, but for hair and nails condition.

Jelly made from agar-agar cleans the liver from bile and detrimental compounds, and cleans the whole body from toxins. This substance expands under swelling, it fills intestine and thus stimulates peristalsis. As the agar has the marine origin, it is high in iodine, calcium and ferrum.